Campaign: MORE POWER TO US #FemaleEntrepreneurs

#MorePowerToUs is a campaign created by #Gorilli to support and uplift the #GorilliFam. We empower passionate individuals, who are grinding on their full potential and GET IT DONE. That’s why we call them family.

In the first series of our campaign, we introduce three entrepreneurial women. Young, ambitious and using their voice heavily for social responsibility. How they get it done? Gorilli sat down with Aisha Bah, Agnes Montecinos Muñoz and Weia Tan to talk about their work and ambitions.

Aisha Bah Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign

Aisha Bah is a hybrid creative and ambitious business woman. Graduated last year in communication and already firing her career path to the fullest. Primarily, she advocates for social responsibility and does everything in her power to support brands that stand for equality.

As a product of her vision and with an understanding that social problems are interlinked, she started Mouthful in 2019 which focuses on thought provoking content and critical thinking. This initiative is to serve as a vessel for young adults in the Netherlands to share opinions, thoughts and truths. Back then, she was missing a platform that gave the opportunity to young adults to share their opinion on contemporary social problems. Just a year later, her business is already expanding and many new empowering projects are on the planning such as a video and an Mouthful event.

Apart from Mouthful she supports and contributes to different feminist movements such as ActionAid and Voici La Femme as a social content creator. She wants to give a helping hand to many other brands by offering services such as concept creation, website design, copywriting and social media management.

She is on a mission and puts her money where her mouth is. However, she knows like no other that self-doubt can kill ambitions but for those who aspire to start initiatives like hers: “Just start somewhere! Nobody does things like you do, have faith in yourself that you are bringing something new and keep pushing through”.

 Aisha Bah Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign

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 Agnes Montecinos Munoz Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign

Meet Agnes Montecinos Muñoz, multidisciplinary creative and stylist, based in Amsterdam. With a Curaçao mom, a Chilean dad & a multicultural city like Rotterdam to grow up in, she was raised in an environment where culture was a huge influence. This cultural environment shaped her into the strong-minded, passionate and dynamic woman she is today.

From a young age she found out ways to express many feelings throughout clothes. That was a way to add an extra layer to her story. Later on she found out that’s also a way to translate other stories.

Agnes is a storyteller with a strong vision when it comes to how she wants (her) people to be portrayed. To her it’s important that everyone can be heard. “I don’t create for me, I create for us.” That’s why she loves to bring people to the forefront that don’t always have the voice to tell their own story. She uses topics such as injustice, feminism, identity, (black) culture, hiphop, roots & unity to the forefront in her work. She chooses to fight these things differently, with a loving approach because she believes love connects and brings out the best energy out of people. 

Next to styling, Agnes also documents her friends, her family & overall her (styling)life, she’s an actor, a model, creates concepts & helps artists build their image identity. Keep an close eye out for her, because she will go places with her mindset.


Agnes Montecinos Munoz Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign 

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Weia Tan Photographer Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign 

Weia Tan is a 20 year old freelance photographer and all-round creative, based in Rotterdam. Capturing portraits of a diverse range of models, using mostly analog film and sometimes digital. She started photographing at a young age, borrowing her fathers analog camera the moment she could lay her hands on it. Her father motivated her to continue to photograph by giving her, her very first analog camera when she was only 13. Since then she continues to use her curiosity as a vessel for her creativity. A few years later, she made intimate portraits of artist Daan Koens in his studio, captured DJ Denzel Feurich in a series which researched the vulnerability of men and delivered editorial pictures for sneaker store Woei.

Although photography will always be her main canvas to express her world, she is also widening her horizon to video and other creative visual languages. Her work resolves around her vision towards beauty: “Beauty is not an external thing, but lies within the subject”. Lately, she has started a journey of introspection, a way of self-exploration for self-love. Her personal life plays a big part in this new journey, she has been adopted by a Dutch family but originates from China. Through image creation she wants to visualise these personal experiences and hopes to inspire other young creatives of her age this way. For future prospects, she will be focussing on creating strong concepts and there is a video project and magazine publication in the pipeline.

Some advice she would like to give to other young photographers: “It may sound stereotypical, but just do it or at least give it a try! Don’t let fear or shyness keep you from creating passionately. You don’t have to be perfect in what you love to do, you will figure it out along the way”.

Weia Tan Photographer Gorilli Blog More Power To Us Campaign 

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We all know the future is female, now more than ever. So keep your eyes on these three powerful women and hit follow to see their process of growth and achieving successes. 
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Photography by Lisa Elean
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